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How do I submit my wines for tasting and review?

Learn more about our wine tasting process.

It's straightforward and free to have your wines tasted.

Fill out the following form and one of our team will get back to you shortly: Wine Tasting Submission form

Recommended retail prices must be supplied, as they are used to determine the wine's Top Rank and Top Value award.

The complete set of wine samples must be sent to the selected tasting room in a single delivery. Please do not split up a delivery of wine samples

Please submit a wine only once. Do not send the same wine to multiple tasting rooms. Do not resubmit wines we have already reviewed, unless agreed prior. We do not guarantee that wines will be reviewed more than once.
In general, we do not publish more than one review of the same wine. We may review a past vintage of a wine that was already reviewed, but where a wine is submitted to more than one tasting room, only one review will be published at our sole discretion.

Whilst we endeavour to have your wine samples tasted at the selected tasting room, due to the incredible number of wine samples we receive, we can't guarantee this at all times.

Should you submit wines to us for tasting, you will be contacted with the results with an email notification or letter.

Recyclable packaging is greatly appreciated. We look forward to tasting your wines.