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Which wine regions are recognised by The Real Review?

We recognise all official geographical indications, including noteworthy wine regions not yet recognised by legislation.

With the wine world constantly evolving, The Real Review makes sure to acknowledge all official geographical indications (GI), even recognising emerging wine regions that may not yet have official recognition. 
A country's geographical indications granted by legislation and its wine-growing associations' officially recognised list of wine regions do not always match.
Lists compiled by regional bodies tend to be most current since they represent the region’s wineries and growers; recognising emerging wine regions is an important part of what The Real Review stands for.
We organise wine regions from the largest to smallest, starting from the "world" through to countries, official GIs, all the way down to individual subregions and vineyards. Wineries located within subregions that are not official GIs are still counted within the GIs which enclose those subregions. For example, wineries located in Wilyabrup, a locality within the Margaret River GI, are also recognised as Margaret River wineries.
Wineries have been creative in sourcing grapes from all over the world, so much so that some forward thinking wineries have even released "wines of the world", made from grapes sourced from different countries, such as the Penfolds Bin 149 Napa Valley South Australia Cabernet Sauvignon.