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Image guidelines for wineries

Make sure your winery's listing is picture-perfect.

Please email your images to winery@therealreview.com.

Technical requirements:

  • High-resolution, print-ready image file (Preferred height: greater than 2560px. Minimum height: 1280px)
  • PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, WEBP formats are accepted
  • Maximum file size per image: 15MB

Logo and bottle images

We accept:

  • winery logos
  • label-only and whole-bottle images, both front and back

Wine/bottle image requirements:

  • We prefer vintage-generic bottle images (i.e. no vintage indicated on the photo)
  • We also accept vintage-specific bottle and label only images
  • Preferred file format for bottles and wine labels: PNG, with a transparent background (deep-etched/background removed)
  • No bottle shadows and reflections
  • Bottle shots should be of the entire bottle, and not include any award labels

Media kit and general winery photos

Occasionally we will invite you to share with us a selection of images for our articles.

We may request your media kit which could include, for example, a mix of vineyard, people, lifestyle, winery dogs and vineyard animals, winemakers at work, regional landscapes, aerial drone photography.

Media kit image requirements:

  • Landscape orientation - preferred minimum size 2400 x 1600px but can be larger
  • Images preferably in colour
  • Credit for image