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How do I set up Buy Direct buttons for my wines?

Select a link to a particular wine on your website so your customers can buy direct.

Winery Plus members can activate Buy Direct buttons for the wines they produce.

There are two ways to set up Buy Direct for your wines:

  1. You can provide your Buy Direct links when submitting your wines for tasting
  2. For each wine, email us a link to the webpage where a customer can purchase it directly


  • Your Buy Direct link should be located at the winery's website.
  • It must be as specific as possible and direct customers to a particular wine - not a general store page, nor a different vintage.
  • You must also provide the wine's suggested retail price.
  • A wine's suggested retail price is treated separately from its Buy Direct link, i.e. its suggested retail price must not include any discounts that may be available at its Buy Direct link.
  • You can supply one Buy Direct link for each country, where your winery sells direct to consumers. We currently accept Buy Direct links for Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.
  • If your winery does not sell direct in a country, you may nominate a Buy Direct link to a wine retailer for that country. In general, Buy Direct links should not direct consumers to a wine retailer.