Wines change with time.

Some wines benefit from ageing, others are made to be drunk in their youth. Bottle variation is real. Sometimes wines are tasted as a part of a session of over 100 wines, sometimes individually. 

Inevitably, when we taste wines at different times, their reviews and ratings will change.

A wine's rank is based on its most recent rating and retail price, as well as the number of wines made from the same grape or similar blend we've tasted from the same vintage.

This means that as we taste more wines, re-taste wines and update prices in our system, a wine's rank may also change.

Note on commercial usage where ratings or ranks have changed:

Where there is more than one review and rating for a wine, members with a trade membership may quote whichever one they wish, provided there is a clear attribution to:

  • The Real Review
  • The wine writer's name
  • The date of tasting.

Bottle stickers may only be purchased in accordance with our most current view of the wine.