Working out the perfect spot to place your award sticker on the bottle can be tricky. Follow these basic tips, and make sure your bottles stand out on the shelf.

  1. Apply your award stickers on the flat surface on the widest part of the bottle (body)
  2. Centre them where possible
  3. Ensure the they are visible when viewing the front of your bottle
  4. Ensure that they are perfectly horizontal

If hand applying, use the horizontal line separating "The Real Review" and "Recommended" as a guide to help align the stickers horizontally and with each other.

Are you applying more than one award sticker on a bottle?

Horizontal positioning is preferred. Vertical is OK when there isn't enough horizontal space on the bottle's body. Avoid overlapping the award stickers with each other.

Do you have a really large and tall bottle label?

It's perfectly fine for the award sticker to overlap, or be positioned slightly on top of, the existing bottle label.

It often looks better that trying to apply the sticker on empty areas that may not be flat (like the bottle shoulder, which tapers).

Is there a significant part of your bottle label design that will be obscured if the award label was placed in the centre?

Award stickers can always be applied off-centre, so long as it is still visible when viewing your bottle from the front.

Avoid applying award stickers on the neck or shoulder area of the bottle.

The flat shoulder area of the bottle should only be used if there is no way that award stickers can be applied around the body of the bottle without obscuring significant portions of the bottle’s label.

The bottle's neck should be avoided at all times, as people don't pay as much attention to this area as the body.

Do not apply award stickers on the back of the bottle.

Your customers will not be able to see your awards at a glance if they are applied on the back of your bottle.